Sunday, March 24, 2013

Usual Sinusitis Complications

Sinusitis is something that you wouldn’t like to experience. It is not as simple as colds because colds is far simpler compared to sinus infection which may ruin your work, school or personal activities. Most of the people who suffer from this disease mistaken sinusitis as a simple colds that is why, they would ignore it. But if the complications become visible, that is the only time that they will seek medical attention which makes a simple sinusitis turn into a complex problem. Sinusitis has several degrees. It can progress to acute from mild n fast phase if ignored. It can also turn to chronic if sinus infection is in severe case. Usually, sinus infection lasts for few days along with colds and clears after twelve weeks.

Meanwhile, sinus infection can become a chronic sinus infection if symptoms like fever, post nasal drips, headache and colds last up to more than twelve weeks. Chronic sinus infection is usually the result of reoccurring acute sinus infections or sometimes an acute sinusitis which is left unattended. 

It is better to treat sinus infection earlier because if not, complications will threaten your life. Here are the usual complications of sinus infection that you must watch out.

·        One of the most common complications of sinusitis is Osteomyelitis. It is usually connected to acute front sinusitis and may as well be connected with abscess in the subperiosteal area which is also called as Pott’s puffy tumor. Experts have also proven that most adults with acute frontal sinusitis, usually male are at threat for having critical conditions. This complication of sinus infection would include the facial bones as well as the forehead. You know that you are suffering form Osteomyelitis when you have leukocytosis, fever which is low grade and pain on the forehead.

·        Another complication of sinus infection is orbital infection also called as infection of the socket of the eyes. This infection is characterized by floppy eyes which is a very rare but a severe problem of the sinus on the ethmoid. Usually, if a person has orbital infection, eye movement is lost and a person may experience temporary blindness or loss of vision because of the pressure on the nerves on your eyes. Therefore, a person suffering from sinus infection may have severe illness and often fever.

·        The worst complication that you must be scared of is the spread of infection caused by bacteria which are anaerobic to the brain by your blood vessels as well as your bones especially the sphenoid and the frontal sinusitis. This complication may threaten your life because it might result to serious problems such as abscesses and meningitis. In these cases, a person may go through visual problems, changes in personality, coma, and headache, loss of consciousness and worst, death.

As early as possible, it is essential to get chronic sinus infection in your control. Good thing there are a lot of natural remedies and medication which are effective in fighting against sinus infection as quickly as possible. Delaying treatments for few days may bring serious complications along with sinus infection. It is advisable to begin a plan of action as fast as possible to avoid any complication mentioned because sinus infection is not as simple as colds; it is a serious disease that you have to take seriously. 

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