Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Reason Behind Sinus Dizziness

Along with sinusitis or sinus infection are various symptoms. Some people would complain about throbbing headache, temporary loss of hearing, post nasal drips, stuffiness, and a throat which feels scratchy and in some cases, dizziness. Thus, what are the reasons behind these symptoms? Of course, by identifying the reasons for having these symptoms, you will be able to prevent the occurrence of sinusitis.

Almost all who suffer from sinus infection would complain from dizziness. Thus, in some other health problems, dizziness is also noted. Dizziness is something that doesn't naturally occur, so its occurrence must be a sign of some health problems. It is describes as a state of lightheadedness or physical unsteadiness. 

The brain dictates what the body does and it is a complex yet unique interaction of the systems on the body which makes up your body’s balance. Your inner ears are accountable for monitoring directions such as moving forwards, turning, side by side, backwards, up or down. 

Your eyes are responsible for monitoring where your body goes. Your spine and joints which are skin receptors monitor if the body is touching the ground, on the other hand, joints and muscles’ sensory receptors monitor the parts of the body which are moving.  Your central nervous system is responsible for the coordination of all the information which is gathered from the different organs in your body. If your body receives conflicting information from different systems, your will feel dizzy. Sinusitis typically affects your inner ear and may disrupt the appropriate connection of the functions of the brains which further affects the state of balance of the body.

Almost all people have experienced having sinusitis which is certainly disturbing when it comes to school, work and other activities. Your skull is filled with air pockets surrounding your nose, cheek and forehead which are known as sinus cavities. Sinusitis happens when these pockets are instead filled with mucus instead of air. These cavities are as well not able to drain accordingly. 

Sinus infection can be acute of chronic, thus it depends on the number of times it occurred. Acute sinus infection is common due to the fact that bacterial and viral infections typically last up to three weeks on the other hand; chronic sinusitis would lasts for more than three weeks.  As a matter of fact 20 of 100 people have chronic sinusitis and they are candidates for having this so calles nasal cysts. These cysts are also called nasal polyps and are caused by sinus cavities which are blocked which are another complication in health.

While you can take medications to treat your sinusitis, prevention is still the best cure. You must be reminded that usual causes of sinusitis are air pollution, bacterial infections, viral infections, allergens and fungal infections. With these causes, the most important things to begin with is boosting your immune system. Pollutants as well as dusts are almost everywhere all you have to do is be healthy by changing your bad eating habits into more healthy, manage your stress and take some vitamins to boost your immunity.

Of course sinus comes along with dizziness, and though the feeling of lightheadedness is something that will not ring the alarm, ignoring it will bring more complications. So, it is better to treat it before it could ruin your life. One way in treating sinusitis is avoiding vices like smoking and consumption of alcohol. Alcohol and the nicotine in cigarettes may narrow you sinus cavities. 

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